Gutter Install & Repair Greensboro, NC

Gutters: A Simple Innovative Invention

Gutters had been in existence since 3000BC. These simple wonders of engineering enabled the Harappan Civilization to direct water to their toilets. The Romans used them to make their road building easier by channeling the mud and sludge away. By 1066AD, the British used gutters in the roofs of their residences, churches, and buildings.

If there are gutters, there must be downspouts. The Tower of London is believed to have utilized the “Downspout Technology” to protect the walls that were whitewashed as rainwater would stain them over time.

By 1700, people began using cast iron as it was plentiful and cheap during the time. The British brought the “Gutter Technology” to American Colonies, thus the start of gutters in the Americas.

What Gutters Do?

Gutters are used to channel water away from your home. Water from excessive precipitation can cause severe long-term damage to a building, house, basement, and can eventually allow water to seep into the foundation of the structure itself making it weak.

How Can Gutters Help A Homeowner?

Having gutters can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs for the home brought about by precipitation or rain damage. Erosion around the house is avoided – no need to worry about your basement becoming flooded, no more paint repair jobs, and most importantly, water would be prevented from seeping into the structure’s foundation!  Triad Roofing Services of Greensboro, NC can help you with all your gutter needs. Contact us today at (336) 540-0001 to get started.